Pumpkin and Nutmeg

And now to see the before and after pictures of the living/dining area. Yay!

They’re not from the same angle, but you get the idea here. The placement of the table is the only issue I have with the Silver Streak’s layout and it may be something that is unique to mine since these were pretty much custom built. If I’d actually seen the Rocketship before I had the handyman start work on it I would have had him move it before he put the beadboard on. If you notice in the picture with the chair (not really an after since I still obviously need to do the floor), there is no way a normal adult can fit in there. Also the stove is what you’d have your back against and probably not a good idea to have your hair catch fire while you’re eatin’.  You can see the previous owners “solved” this problem by putting shelving there so it wasn’t used at all. Tacky. I’ll probably store my little folding chair there and pull it out to the end of the table for use.

Here is the before of the living area. The paneling was starting to warp and peel so I had it replaced with beadboard. I couldn’t do that for the corners because they are more curves than corners. I wish I hadn’t lost the picture of my mom puttin’ on the beadboard wallpaper there. It took a couple of tries but she did a good job with it.

And now you can see it all painted up. In the picture it looks a nice honey and chocolate as I was expecting. In reality the honey beige looks pumpkin orange and the chocolate appears a nutmeg color. It’s still pretty, but not exactly what I was planning on. The beadboard wallpaper shrunk when it dried and so it looks a little crunchy in areas. We weren’t sure how to avoid that. I sanded and primed the plastic but wallpaper just wasn’t meant to stick to it. Still, looks good enough to continue the pattern all the way around and it will be behind my couch anyway.

The clock in the before picture didn’t work and for some reason instead of pryin’ it off it was cut out. I’m not namin’ any names, but that wasn’t the best workmanship. >_< Luckily, my mom found a clock that fits over the hole (I suspect she was feelin’ guilty about that hole).

I am dreadin’ doin’ the flooring…




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