There’s a big difference between renovation and restoration. I’ll bet some folks would cringe to see what all I’m doin’ to the Rocketship. When I had the Airstream I remember a guy shakin’ his head and tellin’ me it wouldn’t have been that much difference to have my old air conditioning unit rebuilt or to find one salvaged. It would have been a lot of difference to me. The new one had a warranty AND a heater (and it was done in one day)! As I’m not gonna be takin’ this thing around to shows, but rather livin’ in it I want it to be the way I want it and not the way it was. No offense to those that prefer restoration, but restorin’ it would have been a fortune. I’d rather cheap out and do it to reflect my personality.

Stained Glass Window Tint
Stained Glass Window Tint

I picked out this magnolia pattern on some stained glass window tint for the front middle window. Mom installed it a couple of days ago and did a pretty good job with it! I chose it because I don’t like just havin’ drapes to block out the light, but I do like privacy (and light). I picked this particular pattern because, well it was pretty, and because I loved the colors in it. They go really well with the colors in the living/dining area as well as pickin’ up some of the gold from the outside of the trailer. So it looks good inside and out! It’s also right under the awning so it shouldn’t fade super fast.




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