Off the Grid On the Road

While drivin’ with my Dad in my new-to-me PT Cruiser to visit my family in central Texas we saw a lot of people livin’ in travel trailers and RVs. I’ve always known that people live in them in parks, but this is the first I’d ever seen them in fields, just little clusters of trailers or one lone trailer in the middle of nowhere.

I have no idea what they were doin’ for power, if they even had any. Not sure about their sewer usage either. It looked like they had just pulled up and settled randomly. Made me wonder if they owned the land or knew the people that did.

While havin’ a little trailer out on some land seems like it would be fun, I’d at least need to know I could dump my tank and have reliable electricity. I think if I were gonna do it I’d want a carport to park under, somethin’ with some solar panels on top and maybe even get a small wind turbine. A few raised beds for veggies and maybe some fruit trees and berry bushes and I’d be good to go. Well, except that a PT Cruiser isn’t going to tow the Rocketship no way, no how. So maybe not good to go, but good.




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