Put a Cork In It


I finally finished installing the Allure laminate planks in Dark Lisbon Cork. I don’t have any idea of how much weight this added to the thing. Just glad I don’t have to tow it. Sorry Dad! >_< I love the look of cork, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with the dark or lighter. I’m glad I chose the dark. It grounds the room and has a nice, deep, warm look. I think it will look good with the leather-ish sectional that I’m going to put in the living room. I’ll probably put a rug in that area too so it won’t be overwhelmed with the dark furniture and dark flooring.

Above I’m cutting the planks. The installation was pretty easy except for the difficult cuts and it was really tiring for some reason. There was a bit of a learning curve since I have never done this before. I started near the door so the worst of the “mistakes” are there, but it doesn’t look bad if you don’t look too close. Please don’t look too close. ^_^;;

They stick to each other well. It was about halfway before I figured out the technique to keep them from gapping too much. Still, not too bad. They need room to expand a little, right?

Here you can see the flooring in the living/dining area. I really like how there is a bit of the wall color in the floor as well as some of the darker brown that is in my furniture. Please don’t mind the dust on the table. I was using it as a work space while putting down the floor. The table will have a tablecloth on it (after I dust it of course!).

I put this picture in so you can see how the floor looks with the kitchen and bedroom colors and so you can see some of my most difficult cuts. Again, please don’t look too close! I love how the green looks next to the cork. It looks quite a bit darker in the picture, so refer to the living area picture for a more accurate idea of darkness.

Now I’m down to the little stuff like curtains and such. I am so happy to be finished with the floor. YAY!




2 thoughts on “Put a Cork In It

    1. It was my first time doin’ flooring and I didn’t have a clue. The instructions come with the laminate and are fairly simple once you get the hang of it. It’s by no means perfect, but I’m happy with it. I’ve never had anyone call me handy before. Are you doing any work to your trailer or did you buy it ready to go?

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