3 weeks ago. They are even more solid now.

It’s gettin’ up into the 100’s here in Texas and as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. I got a good suggestion from Rebecca in my comments about my canopy snappin’ and I was thinkin’ of doin’ something very similar to her suggestion. My awning frame on the Silver Streak is still intact despite the canvas bein’ in shreds. Well, I don’t know this for 100% certainty as I’ve never let it out, but it looks pretty ratty even in the rolled up position. Anyway, I have one of two options.

Step one for both is the same: roll the awning out, cut the canvas off, and put the frame back in the upright position.

For Option One I use the bar on the awning to tie one edge of a tarp and tie the other edge to the fence. This is the quick fix and gives a solid shade. My only concern is the tarps fillin’ with water and weighin’ down the awning, though I think they would split before the bar bent. Things were made better back in the day.

Option Two involves zigzagging twine from the awning bar on the trailer to the fence and let the morning glories grow up and create a natural shade canopy. I wouldn’t have much considered this one right after the collapse, but 20 days later and my morning glories are growin’ like crazy! You can’t tell they even mowed any down. The fence is almost solid and there are a lot of 2-3′ tendrils reachin’ out for somethin’ to grab onto. This option is much cheaper. I already have some twine, though probably not enough to go all the way down. Guess it’s good I took the broken frame to scrap. I made enough to buy a $2 roll of twine. XD

I’m goin’ with Option Two for now. It’s cheaper, probably more secure, and hopefully much more attractive. I’ll take pictures when it’s all done!




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